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Etoosindia is a web education supplier that support students with education, both online as well as offline. it's a shot that has envision broadening the scope and medium of education within the competitive setting of the Indian education sector. Etoosindia aims at tutoring students making ready for JEE or NEET or CBSE examination and people UN agency ar learning in faculties following the category XI & XII information. Our JEE / NEET on-line coaching job solutions offer the convenience to check from anyplace and anytime as they supply flexibility of your time and place. we have a tendency to impart most innovative on-line tools that permit students to organize for JEE & NEET at their convenience. 

They believe in -

Education has the facility to empower to revolutionize the state of affairs. Our mission is galvanized by constant thought. we have a tendency to want to succeed in each student and supply them access to quality education. Education is everyone's right and nobody ought to be stopped from effort it for distance or fees grounds. Etoosindia breaks the unimaginative image and unveils a replacement, easy-to-use and budgeted approach of learning. we do not believe imagination however believes in expertise -the expertise of 'Smart Learning Opportunity' - that's versatile as per it slow, convenience and cash


1.This three hundred queries bank is handy by kota academics .

 2.This queries bank content the foremost vital and conception queries for itt jee purpose of read three. Student will use this question bank for there revision in previous couple of days which is able to facilitate they to revision all the thought thorough . 

3 .This course contain detail solutions of the queries . 

4.please attempt to facilitate your friends for study material for jee and neet I hope you may create most out of this study material and boost your preparation 

⚡️Etoos three hundred queries For JEE 2020 By Etoos academics For Chemistry Physics & Maths 

etoos study material google drive

1]MS sir 


2] SY SIR 


3] JH sir 


4] PS SIR 


5] MK SIR 


6] GB SIR 


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